Loeng ja näituse avamine: Transnational Queer Underground

R 10 Märts 18:30-21:00

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What can art/culture/activism do for the queer community and vice versa? And how can we do it best?

POCs*, Queers* and the rest of mainstream societies’ outcasts have always been on the forefront of cultural movements. Oppression produces resistance and the oppressed have to be creative to find ways to survive. This creativity often results in brilliance, but due to a lack of resources, networks and a public voice, it is usually only acknowledged after it has been appropriated by members of the mainstream society.

How can we break this circle?
Do we want to break this circle?
Where would a shift in power relations actually leave us?

Seeing the turn that world politics are taking right now, we, the people who’ve been working towards and hoping for more equality for so long, need to stand united and strong. But how can we do that in a way that uplifts and includes ALL people? How can we decolonize art, culture, creative spaces as well as queer communities and society in general? How to deal with, accept and let go of appropriation? How to deal with anger, frustration, misunderstandings, hate and ignorance? And how can we use and acknowledge these experiences in our creative forms of expression and resistance?

TQU (www.transnational-queer-underground.net) has been a platform for queer art and activism since 2009 and wants to facilitate more discussion around these topics. As a first step #TheGalleryProject was initiated and over the last six month over 40 artists from four continents have shared their artwork on TQU. Some of these submissions will be arranged as part of a traveling exhibition that will be shown in different places in Europe this summer, with the first one taking place in Tallinn during Ladyfest.

In this workshop, Verena, the founder of TQU and #TheGalleryProject will give a short talk on the history of queer resistance, there’ll be time to look at the artworks and to answer questions related to #TheGalleryProject and TQU and also to talk about your experiences and concerns.

The event will be in English.

Mida saab kunst/kultuur/aktivism teha queer kogukonna jaoks ja vastupidi? Ja kuidas seda kõige paremini teha?

TQU (www.transnational-queer-underground.net) on 2009. aastast pakkunud platvormi queer kunstile ja aktivismile sooviga luua antud teemadel laiemat diskussiooni. Esimese sammuna loodi #TheGalleryProject ning viimase kuue kuu jooksul on laekunud töid rohkem kui 40 kunstnikult neljalt mandrilt. Mõnesid neist saab sel aastal näha Euroopas rändaval näitusel, mille esimeseks peatuseks on Ladyfest Tallinnas.

Töötoas räägib TQU ja #TheGalleryProject asutaja Verena queer vastupanu ajaloost, tutvustab teoseid ja vastab projekti, TQU ja muuga seotud küsimustele.

Üritus toimub inglise keeles.
Что искусство/культура/активизм делают для квир-сообщества и наоборот? Как мы можем добиться лучших результатов?

TQU (www.transnational-queer-underground.net) является платформой для квир-искусства и активизма с 2009-го года. Они хотят дать толчок для большего количества дискуссий на эту тему. #TheGalleryProject был создан полгода назад, за это время более 40 артистов с четырех континентов опубликовали свои работы на сайте TQU. Некоторые из этих работ будут включены в выставку, которая посетит разные уголки Европы этим летом, начиная с Ледифеста в Таллине.

В этом воркшопе Верена, основательница TQU и #TheGalleryProject, немного расскажет о квир-сопротивлении. Также мы уделим время просмотру выставки и ответам на вопросы о #TheGalleryProject и TQU, поговорим о вашем личном опыте и вещах, которые вас волнуют.

Мероприятие будет проводиться на английском языке.